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with olympic torch at Olympex expo

London is hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, and for the occasion, the great museums of London are hosting exhibits about them. So if you’re in London and an Olympic fan, whether you’ve been able to watch some of the Olympic games or not or will see some Paralympic Games or not, here are a few interesting exhibits that I visited. And the best of this, they are all free! If you know more exhibits about the subject, don’t hesitate to publish a comment about it.


  • Olympex 2012. Collecting the Olympic Games

Olympex expo

If you only have time for one exhibit, this is the best one I think. It shows some historical objects like medals and quite funny footage of old Olympic games as well. The exhibit focuses on London Games of course held in 1908 and 1948. And there is a big collection of stamps for every sport, very nice. I collect stamps myself, so I really enjoyed that part, and I have to admit that I was happy to see a stamp from the 1948 Games exhibited here that I have in my own personal collection. So this exhibit is about how spectators take part in the history of the Games by collecting Olympic stuff! You can also visit the small caban outside where you can send a postcard with a special stamp and take a photo with a real olympic torch.

Where: British Library

When: until 9 September 2012


  • The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Medals

Olympic and Paralympic gold medals

This small exhibit  tells the story of the medals of the 2012 Games, from the mining in Utah and Mongolia to the production at the Royal Mint, with the design of David Watkins for the Olympic medal and Lin Cheung for the Paralympic medal, you can see an example of both from each side displayed (photo). The British Museum is also offering a free special trail called “Winning the Ancient Games” showing their highlights of Ancient Greece objects who will tell about Olympic Games in ancient Greece. Pick up the small leaflet about it and don’t miss the Townley Discobolus in the Great Court, the iconic symbol of the 1948 London Olympics.

Discobolus at the British Museum

Where: British Museum

When: until 9 September 2012


Divers 2011, by Anthea Hamilton

  • London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Posters

12 screen prints and lithographs by 12 different artists

Where: Tate Britain

When: until 23 September 2012






  • Road to 2012

Road to 2012 expo

This is a 3 year project of photos taken by several photographs showing the main actors of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of London 2012, and this means athletes, but other people relating to the Games, like torch bearers, organising people, including Boris Johnson the Mayor of London, and also local people from the East End of London where the Olympic Park is built.

Where: National Portrait Gallery

When: until 23 September 2012


– In Bath –


Bath is a beautiful Unesco Heritage town with Roman baths, only 1 hour and half from London by train, well worth a day trip or better 2 days.


  • Graham Dean: Faster, Higher, Stronger

Watercolours by Graham Dean

Watercolour paintings of athletes on handmade Indian paper

Where: Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

When: until 2 September 2012


Sport and Fashion

  • Fashion and Sport

Great designs of clothes for athletes from the early 1900s to nowadays including Adidas team GB 2012 sportswear by Stella Mac Cartney and a dress designed by Victoria Beckham

Where: Fashion Museum, Bath

When: until 2 September 2012

(this one is not free but included in the Museum ticket entrance)

Par Emilz

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  • Lucie


    A few exhibits that look great and that I wish I would have the time to see, especially the Olympex one. Thanks Emily!

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