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I am a professional travel blogger for more than 3 years. I write about traveling, films, adventures, art, sport, parties around the world, big world events, traveling solo, and other subjects that interest me. I also give travel advice. I have visited more than 60 countries on all continents. I have crossed Europe hitchhiking, Asia by train, sailed the Pacific and the Caribbean… I am an adaptable traveler, that feels at ease in every situation: trekking or party in high heels, underwater or skiing. I am a photographer and videographer. I speak several languages. I am a digital nomad and share my adventures with articles, photos and videos.


Numbers :

  • Unique visitors per month : 30 000
  • Monthly pages views : 60 000

Social networks : 20 000 fans and followers

(april 2016)

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Emily and Sarah Travels: 2 girls traveling

I travel solo a lot but also quite often with Sarah, my best friend and work colleague from the very popular blog: Le Blog de Sarah. You can contact us together and multiply your visibility. Here is her media kit: média kit du Blog de Sarah. Together, we have more than 60 000 readers per month and more than 40 000 fans.