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Greek summer is just amazing and one great thing to do is to watch movie at an open air cinema. It’s a whole awesome experience in itself. In Athens and many other places in Greece like the Greek islands, you can watch movies in outdoor cinemas. You’ve just watched sunset and now that it’s getting dark and you can go and enjoy a movie with the fresh air and a fresh beer! You can even get the beautiful view on the Acropolis under the lights! And the great thing about Greece is that summer is longer than anywhere else in Europe so the open air cinemas are open from April to October. Enjoy a great Greek summer.


There are 4 Open Air Cinemas in central Athens; they show old movies or new ones, you have to check the program. But all the movies are in original version; most of them are American movies so they are in English with Greek subtitles. There are two screenings per night: the first one is between 8:30 and 9pm and the second one at 11pm. The entrance costs usually 8 or 8,50 Euros and 6,50 for reduced tickets. There is always a break in the middle of the movie so you can go buy a drink and a snack.


Cine Thisio


Cine Thisio is my favourite, it is at the bottom of the hill right next to the Acropolis. Perfect routine: you can go watch the sunset on the Acropolis from the hill and then go to the cinema: from your seat, you can see the Parthenon glowing under the stars, amazing! Cine Thisio is number 1 on the list of the 10 world’s most enjoyable movie theatre  by CNN. When I was there, they were showing A long hot summer with Paul Newman and Orson Welles: awesome experience to watch a great classic like that in such a beautiful place! That was just the perfect movie for a perfect Greek summer!

Location: Apostolos Pavlos 7, Thisio.


Cine Paris


Cine Paris: What a beautiful name for a cinema right ?! It was the first built open air cinema in Athens in 1920. It is in the middle of the beautiful Plaka quarter where you can find a lot of nice restaurants and tavernas to eat before or after the movie. And there too, you can see the Acropolis from your seat, beautiful setting!

Location: Plaka



Cine Aegli


Cine Aegli  is in the middle of the Zappeion Gardens, nice location between the trees. You can even have dinner there.

Location: Zappeion Gardens, Syntagma


Cine Dexameni


Cine Dexameni is on the Lycabette hill. I stopped by in the day but didn’t experience it at night because they were showing the same movie than at Cine Aegli.

Location: Lycabette Hill

By Emilyz

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Où et comment faire la fête à Ios en Grèce

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Mykonos, le paradis grec pour faire la fête
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