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Wallilabou Bay

The first movie Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl was shot in the beautiful country Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a beautiful archipelago. Most of the scenes were shot on the island of Saint Vincent but also some other scenes were shot on the smaller islands of the Grenadines.



Pirates of the Caribbean, the Curse of the Black Pearl, the movie

pirates-des-caraibes-malediction-black-pearlAmerican film directed by Gore Verbinski with Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Kneightley. 2003.

Johnny Depp is amazing in that role of Jack Sparrow, the captain of the Black Pearl and is an amusement just by himself. The dialogues are full of humor, black humor sometimes! I think it is the best movie of all Pirates of the Caribbean serie. And the music is composed by the genius Hans Zimmer!


Saint Vincent : Wallilabou Bay


I was sailing in the Caribbean and the boat I was in decided to stay in Bequia. You can stay in Saint Vincent, but if you are in Bequia, there are several ferries a day between Saint Vincent and Bequia.


Sunset in Bequia

The most emblematic place of the film shoot is Wallilabou Bay. It is here that many scenes were shot.


The set was installed here especially for the movie, and then was used again for the shoots of the next movies Pirates of the Caribbean II and III.


We can now see the coffins that were used in the second movie when Jack Sparrow comes out of the coffin at the beginning of the movie. And you can take pictures of youself in it!


On the walls of the set, inside, you can read shooting schedules and pictures of the shoot and of the actors.



While you see around this place, you can meet locals. Almost all of them worked on the film shoot and really enjoyed it. One of them rented its fishing boat, the other one was an extra. Another one said that everything was so beautiful around during the shoot of the film and he wishes it was still like that.


Extra in the film Pirates of the Caribbean

The dead bodies at the beginning of the film are hanged on this rock:


In the small restaurant, you can see the mast of Jack Sparrow’s flowded boat:


Here is a little scene from the movie showing Jack Sparrow arriving in Port Royal. You can see very well the rock with the skeletons and Jack Sparrow stepping out of the mast of his boat onto the dock of Wallilabou.

In the restaurant, you can also see autographs from the cast and crew of the movie. Of course, you can eat, and you can also buy pirates artefacts or the book of the movie. I have bought a hair band that I wore everyday for the rest of my trip in the caribbean. It is like a little museum that I recommend for all the fans of Pirates of the Caribbean.


A little further on the beach, you will find a friendly bar called “Pirates retreat” where you can drink the local special cocktail: Jack Sparrow Rum Punch. Actually, there is a local rum produced on Saint Vincent island called Sparrow’s, I have tested it, it is good and cheap.


Other sites on the island of Saint Vincent have been sets for the film like Fort Charlotte located near the capital and Black Point, on the East side of the island.



Grenadines: Petit Tabac, Tobago Cays


Petit Tabac from the Tobago Cays in the Grenadines is a complete paradise, like you see on postcards. White sand, pamltrees, green spaces, surrounded by turquoise water, with no trace of human life. It is the island one of the best scenes in the film.



It is here that Jack Sparrow and Elisabeth are abandonned. Jack walks a little bit to find its rum and both of them get drunk, dancing around the fire. It’s here that he tells Elisabeth that last time he was here, he spent 3 days on the beach doing nothing but drinking rum, to her surprised face, he smiles: « Welcome to the Caribbean love »

So when we went on this island with the Swedish crew on the boat, we couldn’t help but dress ourselves like the characters of the Pirates of the Caribbean and drink rum acting like drunks and running on the beach. We even had our own Jack Sparrow, always ready to have a sip to make the picture more authentic.



It was only us on this deserted island. It was definitely the highlight of my trip in the Caribbean, a trip very much “travel and film”!


the-pirates-band-on petittabac

Par Emilyz

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