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The Cyclades are a group of Greek islands in the middle of the Blue Aegean sea. All the islands have beautiful beaches and the sea is incredibly blue and clear everywhere.


You can visit these beautiful beaches by doing a cruise in the Greek islands or you can do better: island hoping to enjoy each island better. I spent the whole summer in the Cyclades going from one island to the other with the Seajets fast ferries and I explored more than 12 islands. Go see my Instagram pictures with lots of beautiful beaches in the Cyclades islands. Here is my top 10 of the most beautiful beaches:


1. Sarakiniko, Milos


Sarakiniko is the most beautiful beach and it’s like nowhere else. It feels like being on the moon. The rocks are white, the sea is blue. Don’t miss it if you go to Milos. The way to access the beach is incredibly white.


And you can have fun by jumping off the cliffs, the sea is deep enough.


If you like beautiful beaches, go to Milos, there is not only Sarakiniko but also Papafragas, Paliochori and lots of others beaches. Don’t miss Kleftiko. Milos is a volcanic island, so all of its coastline is absolutely beautiful. It is the island in the Cyclades with the biggest number of beaches:74 !


2. Prassa, Kimolos


Kimolos is a small island in front of Milos with the same type of beautiful landscapes. Prassa is the most beautiful beach on the island, the sea is incredibly clear and there is a good snorkeling spot in the middle.


3. Blue Waters, Polyegos


Blue Waters is one of the most beautiful posts in the Cyclades. It’s not really a beach but more a swimming spot at the bottom of colorful cliffs. The water is blue like in the swimming pools, that’s why it’s called “Blue Waters”.


Polyegos is the biggest unhabited island in the Cyclades. You can go there by taking a tour leaving from Milos or with your own yacht.


4. Golden Beach, Paros


Golden Beach is a beatiful beach with golden sand on the East coast of Paros. What I really like about this beach is the softness of the sand; it’s like flour. It is so amaznig walking barefoot on it!


5. Mikri Vigla, Naxos

Mikri Vigla is a beautiful beach on the South of Naxos, the biggest island in the Cyclades. The beach is made of two parts separated by rocks. Here is the swimming side:


Here is the kitesurf side :



6. Agia Ana, Amorgos


Agia Ana is a very small beach at the feet of the famous Chozoviotissa monastery on Amorgos island. The beach itself is not amazing and very small but it’s more for the surroundings and the deep blue sea with good snorkeling spots. That is where The Big Blue, the movie by Luc Besson was shot. The little boy Jacques Maillol grew up here.


7. Manganari, Ios


Manganari is located on the South side side of Ios island. It is also a beach where The Big Blue was shot, for the shallow waters scenes. It is made of four beaches, you can go from one to the other through the Rocks; wear shoes.


On Ios, there is also another beautiful beach where you can party, it is Mylopotas. See my article Where to party in Ios.


8. Perissa, Santorini


Santorini is not famous for its beautiful beaches but for its picturesque villages overhanging the beautiful caldera and for its super-famous sunset! But I have to admit that I was pretty surprised  by its different kind of beaches. Perissa is a nice black sand beach.  But you should also visit « red beach », a beach with red cliffs around, quite different!


9. (Super) Paradise Beach, Mykonos


Paradise Beach

Partying in Mykonos it’s paradise and that’s why everybody goes to Mykonos ! So the beaches are party places ! But who said that a beautiful beach has to be a desert one? I think a beautiful beach full of beautiful bodies on it is even more beautiful! That’s why Paradise Beach has a very good name. Between Paradise and Super Paradise, it’s hard to choose. I prefer the atmosphere on Paradise Beach and it’s nicer to swim. But Super Paradise Beach is more picturesque, especially the view from the rocks above it and from the gay bar JackieO’.



10. Soros, Antiparos


Antiparos is a small island in front of Paros. Soros is a beautiful beach South of this island.

By Emilyz

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Mykonos, le paradis grec pour faire la fête

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