Visit London on the Paddington Trail

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Paddington is the most famous bear in England. On Christmas Eve 1956, Michael Bond bought the last toy bear on a shelf as a gift for his wife. Over Christmas, Bond began to imagine the adventures the bear might have living in London. The first book of a series dedicated to this well-meaning bear was […]


Art exhibits in London

Exhibits, London.

After the Olympic Games, that’s when I had time to visit art exhibits and museums. So here are the ones I visited and what I think about it. All of them cost between 8 and 12 pounds. Feel free to comment if you’ve seen one of them or suggest another one. Of course, as my […]


Olympic Expos for London 2012

London is hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, and for the occasion, the great museums of London are hosting exhibits about them. So if you’re in London and an Olympic fan, whether you’ve been able to watch some of the Olympic games or not or will see some Paralympic Games or not, here […]