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Visit Swedish Lapland in Summer : Luleå and its archipelago


Swedish Lapland is a region located in the North of Sweden; Lapland is a big territory located as well in Norway, Finland and Russia. People say that is where Santa Claus is from! Actually, you can eat reindeer there and it’s very tasty. In summer, there are so many outdoor activities you can do: if […]


Art in the subway of Stockholm: the most beautiful stations


The subway of Stockholm is the longest art gallery in the world: it is 110 kilometers long. So when you take the subway in Stockholm, it’s like a trip across a very long underground museum. More than 90 out of 110 stations of the subway were decorated by more than 150 artists between the years […]


Best restaurants in Goa, my favorites

India, Travel-Themes.

Food in Goa is excellent, it mixes Indian flavors with Portuguese influence. Lots of curries with coconut. Don’t forget to eat seafood platters at beach shacks tables lit with candles, your feet in the sand. It is definitely a typical goan experience. If you are vegetarian or vegan or even if you eat “raw” food, […]


Top 10 most beautiful beaches in Goa

Asia, India.

If there is something you can’t miss in Goa, it’s the beach! The small Indian state of Goa has 100 kilometers of sandy beaches along the Oman sea. Every evening, you can watch the sun going down on the sea no matter where you are in Goa! From the most popular party beaches to the […]


Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades Greek islands


The Cyclades are a group of Greek islands in the middle of the Blue Aegean sea. All the islands have beautiful beaches and the sea is incredibly blue and clear everywhere. You can visit these beautiful beaches by doing a cruise in the Greek islands or you can do better: island hoping to enjoy each […]


Watching movies at Open Air Cinemas in Athens

Europe, Greece, Travel-Themes.

Greek summer is just amazing and one great thing to do is to watch movie at an open air cinema. It’s a whole awesome experience in itself. In Athens and many other places in Greece like the Greek islands, you can watch movies in outdoor cinemas. You’ve just watched sunset and now that it’s getting […]


Visit London on the Paddington Trail

London, Travel-Themes.

Paddington is the most famous bear in England. On Christmas Eve 1956, Michael Bond bought the last toy bear on a shelf as a gift for his wife. Over Christmas, Bond began to imagine the adventures the bear might have living in London. The first book of a series dedicated to this well-meaning bear was […]


Top 10 most beautiful lakes in the Canadian Rockies


The most beautiful places in the Canadian Rockies are definitely the lakes. All the lakes here are located in the Alberta province. The first 5 lakes belong to Banff National Park the 5 following ones to Jasper National Park. I visited the Rocky Mountains in Canada by car with my friend Sarah in August. People […]


San Pedro, Belize – la Isla Bonita by Madonna

Belize, Travel and Music.

This article by Travel and Film could be called Travel and Music! When I arrived in Belize and read my guidebook, I decided I was going to visit San Pedro because Madonna dedicated a song for this island called “la Isla Bonita” (the beautiful island) so if Madonna says it’s beautiful, I’d better check it […]