2012 London Olympics

Oscar Pistorius, my favorite athlete

Oscar Pistorius winning the 400 meters T44 final
2012 London Olympics.

I’ve been very lucky this summer in London. I went to the Olympic and Paralympic Games and got to see all the biggest stars: Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and Oscar Pistorius, and guess why Oscar Pistorius is my favorite? Because he is as amazing as the others but the cutest of all of them 3! He […]


Olympic Expos for London 2012


London is hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, and for the occasion, the great museums of London are hosting exhibits about them. So if you’re in London and an Olympic fan, whether you’ve been able to watch some of the Olympic games or not or will see some Paralympic Games or not, here […]


London 2012 Olympic Games – Day 1

Men 400m Freestyle final

So my first article of the Olympic Games about the Opening Ceremony is in French because it’s the Olympic official language and also because it’s my native language. Everything at the Olympic Games is said first in French thanks to Pierre de Coubertin who reintroduced the Games in the Modern Times in 1896. But these […]