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Food in Goa is excellent, it mixes Indian flavors with Portuguese influence. Lots of curries with coconut. Don’t forget to eat seafood platters at beach shacks tables lit with candles, your feet in the sand. It is definitely a typical goan experience. If you are vegetarian or vegan or even if you eat “raw” food, you will find good places to eat easily, but I can’t recommend those as I haven’t visited those places. Goa is very touristic so you will find all kinds of food. Here is the list of the restaurants I liked the best. You can add your choices in the comments.


The first 5 restaurants are pretty expensive, especially for Indian standards, but I recommend them because if you like good food, they are really worth it. And almost all the meals cost less than 10 euros, so still a lot cheaper than eating the same thing in Europe or in Australia for example. The average cost of a good steak is about 8 euros in all of these restaurants.


  • La plage, Ashvem


Retaurant “la plage” seen from Ashvem beach

La plage“, meaning “the beach” in French has the reputation to be the best in Goa. It is a french restaurant right by the beach. So you will eat at nice tables with candle lights, your feet in the sand. And the dishes are amazing. For starters, I recommend the warm goat cheese salad.


french fries and warm goat cheese salad

You should try the half-cooked tuna steak, it is divine. The tenderloin (buffalo meat) is really good also.


And the desserts are also amazing: rhubarb crumble or floating island. And if you still have lots of space or if you want to share a dessert with other people, I suggest the chocolate thali: an assortment of chocolate desserts, delicious!



  • Cafe Nu, Mandrem


buffalo steak and mashed potatoes

Cafe Nu in Mandrem is an excellent restaurant with a juicy steak, but the portions are a bit small. Check well on the internet and google maps where the restaurant is located because it is not that easy to find, and the taxi drivers don’t necessarily know where it is.


Dessert: chocolate bonbons, vanilla ice cream and fruits


  • Thalassa, Vagator

Thalassa, this is the best Greek restaurant in Goa! The Greek salad with chicken and the moussaka are delicious. There are aloso some dancing or fire shows. Nice atmosphere with the floor painted like in the Cyclades islands.


  • Go with the Flow

Go with the Flow is a very good restaurant. The steak is amazing.


  • Grand Mercure, Candolim


Having dinner at Grand Mercure, why not? The hotel atmosphere is not the best but even if you don’t stay there, it is worth eating there for its delicious food. There is a lot of choice. I personnaly recommend the butter garlic prawns, the lobster, and the goan thali is exquisite. You can also eat at their beach restaurant in Candolim, with sunset views.


  • Sushi cafe, Arambol


Sushi cafe in Arambol which is also a place called “I love Arambol” has the best set breakfast in Arambol I think. And you can order it any time, I had it at 3 PM sometimes. The set breakfast includes tea or coffee of your choice, fresh fruit juice, 2 eggs any style and a big bowl of muesli with yogurt and fresh fruits where you can add honey! All that for only 200 rupees, so 3 euros.



  • Chicky monkey, Arambol

In Chicky monkey, you can eat the best pizzas in Goa, locals say! They are actually really good and very big. I recommend the one with roquette and buffalo mozarella. The restaurant is located on the North side of the beach.


  • Pizza Olive, Arambol

Pizza Olive has very good pizzas as well. The restaurant is not easy to see if you don’t know it, because it is upstairs on the main road, in front of Cookie Walla. If you don’t find it, ask around, people will tell you where it is.


  • Cookie Walla, Arambol


Go to Cookie Walla for its desserts of course, they make home made cakes and cookies, that you can have with ice cream. The other dishes are also good, they have one of the best vegetable fried rice that I have tried. And everything is pretty cheap. You eat sitting on the floor on low level tables. There is also a musician playing sometimes.


  • Le Marin, Baga

Beach shacks are very touristy, expecially in Baga, they are often expensive and not very good, a bit of a rip off. Let’s say, it’s a good way to get a free sunbed while eating and spending the day on the beach. But I wanted to mention Le Marin, because I ate very well there, very big portion for a very good price. I had a prawns sizzler, it was so big and there were so many prawns that I could not even finish.


Prawns sizzler

Also the beach shacks and restaurants are very good in Palolem, I was never disappointed, they have very good fresh fish for the barbecue.


  • Saturday Night Market


Go to Saturday Night Market and not only to shop but also to eat and party. There are lots of food stalls with delicious food. Some good restaurants have their stand here like the Greek restaurant Thalassa. I recommend the orange braised beef burrito at “Burrito Boys”, delicious. The best chicken in Goa is also here, easy to find: that is what is written on their shack, and they have big chickens turning and cooking in front of you.

Travel tips: I hope this will help you to choose restaurants in Goa. Tell me about your food experience in Goa. And if you want to book your stay check out the hotels in Goa.

By Emilyz

Voyageuse cinéphile et réalisatrice, Emily parcourt le monde et partage ses voyages à travers des documentaires, des photos et des articles sur son blog.
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Top 10 most beautiful beaches in Goa
Art in the subway of Stockholm: the most beautiful stations

Voyageuse cinéphile et réalisatrice, Emily parcourt le monde et partage ses voyages à travers des documentaires, des photos et des articles sur son blog.
Rejoignez-la sur son profil Google+

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