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tekniska hogskolan, red line

The subway of Stockholm is the longest art gallery in the world: it is 110 kilometers long. So when you take the subway in Stockholm, it’s like a trip across a very long underground museum. More than 90 out of 110 stations of the subway were decorated by more than 150 artists between the years 1950 and 2000. You can see paintings, sculptures, engravings, mosaics, etc. The subway of Stockholm is part of my top 15 visits in Stockholm.


Kungsträdgården station, blue line

So with only one subway ticket, you can explore the most beautiful stations of Stockholm’s subway; I spent about 2 hours and I selected for you my favorite stations. And if you need to go somewhere, take the subway, because it is a very convenient way to go places in Stockholm; and don’t hesitate to hop off on the way to see a beautiful station, and you can hop on the next one.



Kungsträdgården, blue line


Kungsträdgården station is my favorite. It looks like an archeological excavation, and you can find ruins from the old Malakös palace of Stockholm.



T-Centralen, blue line


T-Centralen station is the main station of Stockholm. There are many subway stations there. So the beautiful one you can see here is on the blue line, at the bottom and at the top of the escalators.



Solna Centrum, blue line


I love the red walls of Solna Centrum station. And there are some nice exhibits, like the moose, typical Swedish animal.




Radhuset, blue line




Stadion, red line


Stadion stations is very cool, very colorful with a rainbow, etc. There is even a poster of the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.




Tekniska högskolan, red line


Tekniska högskolan is a futurist style station.


Thorildsplan, green line


Thorildsplan station is covered in tiles.


Visit the subway of Stockholm, practical informations :

You can take a guided tour of the subway of Stockholm with a specialist or you can just visit by yourself. Just write down on a subway map the stations you want to see. You can follow my list, and to see more, you can check the 10 most beautiful stations selected by Visit Stockholm: Art in the Subway. Have a good time.

If you have visited the subway of Stockholm, please write your impression and the names of your favorite stations, because I did not have time to visit them all. Thank you.

By Emilyz

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